Fans must listen to track 1million times
Adam Tait

10:41 16th June 2013

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Pink Floyd fans could see the band’s entire catalogue available to stream on Spotify if one of the band’s tracks reaches 1 million listens.

Taking to its social networks, the music streaming service has asked Floyd fans to listen to ‘Wish You Were Here’, a track already uploaded, 1million times to unlock the rest of the band’s music.

With the track having received more than 100,000 plays in the first 24 hours, it might not be long at all until albums like Dark Side Of The Moon can be streamed via the service.

"Help stream Wish You Were Here 1 million times to unlock Pink Floyd's catalogue on @spotify: #floydcountdown" the band tweeted from its official account.

In the past the group have been reluctant to allow their music to be added to digital music services. They even sued EMI, their record label, for allowing Apple to sell their tracks individually in the iTunes store.

It might not take long until allthe band's albums are available

EMI in fact own Pink Floyd’s entire catalogue, and while the record label does hold a contract with Spotify Pink Floyd’s records weren’t included in the original deal.

The group’s most successful album, Dark Side Of The Moon, has sold 50million copies worldwide to date.

Fans who want to listen to the Pink Floyd back catalogue without shelling out on iTunes can do their part by streaming ‘Wish You Were Here’ right now.

Pink Floyd to Muse - The iconic artwork of Storm Thorgerson

  • Thornley 'Come Again' - CD front, Road Runner Records 2004, Design & Photos StormStudios 

  • 10cc 'How Dare You' - Vinyl front, 1975, Design & Photos Hipgnosis

  • Phish 'Slip Stitch and Pass' - CD front, 1997, Design & Photos StormStudios

  • Pink Floyd 'The Dark Side Of The Moon', 1972, Hipgnosis

  • Yumi 'Matsutoya Setsugekka', CD single, 2003, Design & Photos StormStudios 

  • Nick Mason 'Inside Out' - Book Cover, 2004, Design & Photos StormStudios

  • Muse 'Black Holes & Revelations', CD front, 2006, Design & Photography The Men Of Mystery

  • Ian Dury & The Blockheads 'Mr Lovepants' - CD album front, 1999, Design & Photos StormStudios

  • Led Zeppelin 'Presence', vinyl front, 1976, Hipgnosis

  • yourcodenameis:milo 'Ignoto' - CD front, 2005, Design & Photos StormStudios

  • Pink Floyd 'Animals' - Vinyl gatefold, 1977, Design Roger Waters Photos & Artwork Hipgnosis

  • Pink Floyd 'Back Catalogue'

  • The Cortinas 'Defiant Pose' - Single Cover, 1977, Design & Photos Hipgnosis

  • Deepest Blue 'Is It A Sin' - CD single, 2004, Design & Photos StormStudios

  • The Mars Volta 'Amputechture' - CD front, unused 2006, Design & Photos StormStudios

  • Audioslave 'Audioslave' - CD front, 2002, Design & Photos StormStudios

  • The Mars Volta 'Frances The Mute' - CD front, 2004, Design & Photos StormStudios

  • Pink Floyd 'Ummagumma' - Vinyl gatefold front, 1969, Design and photos Hipgnosis

  • Led Zepplin 'In Through The Out Door', Vinyl front, 1976, Design & Photography Hipgnosis

  • The Cranberries 'Bury The Hatchet' - CD cover, 1999, Design & Photos StormStudios

  • XTC 'Go2' - LP front, 1978, Design & Photos Hipgnosis

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