Producer says sorry for harsh critique of RAM
Elliot Mitchell

17:02 17th May 2013

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Diplo has apologised for his controversial comments on Daft Punk’s forthcoming album, after criticising Random Access Memories on twitter earlier this week.

The producer/DJ posted a string of questionably offensive tweets on Tuesday night, with the DJ claiming the album made him ‘not like LA’ amongst other things.

Diplo started his critique by saying ‘This daft punk album would probably be really good to take drugs and listen to on a rainy bridge across the gulf of mexico but I dnt know’, which seemed to put the DJ in hot water with Daft Punk fans.

The controversy that ensued from his ‘review’ has lead to the star making an apology on twitter this morning, as the producer, who makes up one half of Major Lazer tweeted ‘I'm sorry if I made anyone sad with my daft punk reviews I just see music visually and those were my thoughts’.

Watch the video for Major Lazer’s ‘Watch Out For This’ below

Although Daft Punk fans were unhappy with the comments, there was a comedic edge to Diplo’s thoughts as the producer extraordinaire tweeted "The song with todd edwards makes me feel like I'm alone at waffle house and the jukebox is broken and only micheal mcdonald plays out of it" to his 967,364 Twitter followers.

Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories is out Monday May 20th, though is streaming on iTunes now.

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  • Lilly Allen (@MrsLRCooper): "I feel a bit sorry for Frankie Cocozza today, there I said it. I never thought he was any good, but I still feel for him."

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