Huge party held in small Australian town to celebrate the release of Random Access Memories
michael baggs
13:04 17th May 2013

Daft Punk's official album launch for Random Access Memories took place today in Wee Waa, Australia.

The album has been available for fans to listen to over iTunes since Monday (13 May), but that didn't stop fans from descending on the small Australian town - population, 1,653 - for the official album playback party.

Despite rumours, Daft Punk themselves didn't show up, but 4,000 tickets were sold for the event and fans wore cardboard Daft Punk masks - with some dedicated fans wearing white suits and helmets.

Wee Waa went all out in their celebrations, with the local butchery making Daft Punk sausages and the bakery offering Punk Pies and Techno Treats. 

The playback party saw a giant LED dancefloor and strobe spotlights, as well as a firework display taking place 40 minutes before playback - as the fans swarmed onto the dancefloor.

See a short video of Daft Punk's album launch below

Daft Punk reportedly chose the town due to the radio astronomy observatory, and staff at the observatory recorded a time lapse video of telescopes dancing to 'Get Lucky'.

Before the party, the town also recorded a series of videos in the lead up to the event, called 'Road to Wee Waa'.

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