Exclusive: Pete Wentz claims band wanted to prove girls have a place in rock
michael baggs
15:51 9th April 2013

Fall Out Boy claim they feel it's important for girls to feel included in rock music, and not just be 'groupies', as they discussed new duet with Courtney Love and rising UK star, Foxes.

The band, who release their new album on 15 April 2013 say it was important for them to have a 'balanced' record and wanted to include women on their new album as well - particularly as the record is titled Save Rock and Roll.

Speaking exclusively to Gigwise, Pete Wentz said, "I think that it was important, in making an album that's got such an ambitious title about rock and roll, that girls know they have a place in rock and roll besides being coathangers for the dudes or groupies, or whatever. 

"So we wanted to get someone who had a seminal rock and roll voice and who was female, and Courtney literally has that voice. But also, she wrote those lyrics, she's all there."

When asked if he felt Love's talents as a musician had been overshadowed by her erratic behaviour in recent years, he agreed and said that at times Fall Out Boy's personal lives had overshadowed their creative output.

"It's unfortunate and I can totally understand and relate to her, because there's lots of times that things that we do get talked about more than the music."

He added, "There's a really savvy, interesting, creative person there and hopefully there'll be a new Hole song, or new Hole record, or a new Courtney Love record."

Courtney Love performing live during the 2013 Sundance Festival

The band also spoke about their collaboration with up and comer Louisa Rose Allen, known as Foxes.

Fall Out Boy vocalist Patrick Stump said, "We just thought she had an awesome voice, and I think at the end of the day we really wanted to make a balanced record.

"You have somebody like Big Sean on, you have Elton, you have Courtney, and then I think we wanted somebody who was progressive and younger and had a great voice, but just maybe people hadn't heard of. She just sang beautifully, it was just a pleasure to hear her sing."

Listen to 'Rat a Tat' below:

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