Sources compare it to Rolling Stones bust-up
michael baggs
08:34 4th April 2013

A fued between Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora has been blamed for the Bon Jovi guitarist quitting the band's current tour, according to US sources.

Sambora has pulled out of Bon Jovi's current tour, citing 'personal reasons' for his departure from their current run of gigs. US gossip website TMZ blames a war between the longtime bandmates, claiming tensions have 'exploded' during while on the road.

"Tensions between Jon and Richie have been running high for years and it's finally erupted," says the website. "It's a classic Jagger/Richards blowup."

Frontman Jon Bon Jovi address Sambora's absense at the band's Calgary show this week, telling audience at the concert: "I had two choices: pack up and go home or give you everything I got ... Richie Sambora won't be performing for a while. If there's ever a night I need you, it's tonight, Calgary!"

Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora have reportedly been feuding for years

An official statement on Bon Jovi's website broke news of Sambora's departure from the tour, stating: "Due to personal issues, Richie Sambora will not be performing on this upcoming leg. All shows will go on as scheduled."

Sambora previously pulled out of Bon Jovi's 2011 tour due to substance abuse issues, which led to the guitarist attending rehab instead of joining bandmates.

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