Classic countdown show could return in 2016, say executives
Flynn Massey

15:39 7th December 2015

Rumours are rife that the BBC might be bringing back Top Of The Pops. The TV music show could return to screens sooner than later, and not just for a yearly Christmas Special.

The chart countdown show, which ran weekly from 1964 to 2006, might be coming back in 2016. With its Led Zeppelin based theme tune, dainty buxom dancers, and pop presenters, it was a show that showcased artists in several eras for millions of people.

Most famous for performances from artists such as Nirvana and Oasis in the 90s, The Smiths in the 80s, as well as Christmas classics from Wizzard and Slade in the 70s, it could be returning in a matter of months. Although people at the Beeb are keeping a tight lip on the matter, BBC director of music Bob Sheehan recently spoke to the Sunday Telegraph.

“Top Gear was reborn and reinvented to be about much, much more than cars. I guess that’s a good analogy for what we’re talking about. We’re not just talking about straight music; we’re talking about extra elements and uniqueness,” Sheehan said.

“If just bringing Top of the Pops back was such a straightforward and obvious thing to do, somebody on some channel would have done it.”

Radio 1 and 1Xtra boss Ben Cooper also gave his opinion on the potential return for the show, and claims to have tried getting in touch with music mogul Simon Cowell.

“With The Voice going to ITV, that does give you an opportunity, a moment in history, to go, ‘Right, let’s crack this, what can we do to bring music and entertainment together for a primetime BBC1 audience?’” he said. “I think Simon is just one of many trying to crack this nut. We also have BBC in-house people trying to come up with this magic chemistry."

While some people are divided on the opinion of bringing back a show with such a history of great and downright awful performances and memories, will 10 years away from television do this format any good, or will it be another failed attempt at trying to pull at nostalgic hearts?