Singer confirms statement made by Questlove
michael baggs
14:34 19th March 2013

Justin Timberlake has confirmed the rumours that there will be a second part to his recent album, The 20/20 Experience.

The first part, released only yesterday (March 18), was eagerly awaited by fans keen to hear what JT had to offer after his sabbatical from music. Before it had even been released however, The Roots' drummer QuestLove hinted that a second part was due in November.

"Spoiler alert. 20/20 Vol 2 comes out in Nov. (10 songs now... 10 songs later = 20 vision)," the drummer posted on music forum website OkayPlayer.

Timberlake himself has now confirmed the rumours.

"I've got to clear up the rumours," The Hollywood Reporter quotes. "This whole thing about this only being the first part is true."

"There is another half. I'm not giving you a release date," he added.

But that might not be the only thing the 'Suit & Tie' singer has up his sleeve, also hinting that a collaborative album from himself and his buddy Jay-Z might be released at some point.

The pair apparently recorded "a lot of songs together" while working in studios on other projects.

"I was with Timbaland and we were working on stuff for Miss Beyonce," the singer told BET's 106 & Park. "And she made the mistake of letting Jay and I have another room at the studio.

"Actually I don't want to give too muc away, but we've done a lot of songs together. So hopefully those will find a way to see the light of day."

Timberlake and Jay-Z have been near inseparable since releasing 'Suit & Tie'

The first half of The 20/20 Experience is expected to hit high sales in its first week, with industry analysts predicting 50,000 sales.

Timberlake and Jay-Z will be on tour together this summer for the Legends Of The Summer tour. Both have individual headline slots at London's Wireless fetsival this summer, and will co-headline the last day of the event.

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