Hear'Say and Cleopatra stars also audition
Adam Tait

15:08 5th March 2013

Ahead of The Voice's return to UK TV it has been revealed that 90s popstar Kevana and Hear'Say's Danny Foster were among the singers to audition.

The two took part in the Blind Auditions, along with Cleo Higgins of 90s pop girl group Cleopatra.

Kavana, who became known with 90s hits like 'I Can Make You Feel Good', tweeted about taking part in the show.

"Few things, I need to get off my chest...you'll see me on TV soon. On The Voice, BBC One. I didn't get through, but I gave it a good go," he posted.

The singer said he was "gutted" to have failed to get through, but said he will "say more once the show airs."

Since his 90s success Anthony Kavana's been keeping busy appearing in muysical theatre and was runner up in Simon Cowell's talent show Grease Is The Word.

He tweeted earlier today that he's landed the lead in The Sword And The Dope at the Courtyard theatre.

Since Hear'Say Danny Foster has been in several reality TV shows - The Games and Trust Me - I'm a Beauty Therapist - and has performed with The Big Soul Corporation.

All of the first series judges are expected to return

Cleo Higgins pursued a solo career after the music and TV success of Cleopatra.

How Danny and Cleo got on on The Voice hasn't been revealed yet.

All the judges from the first series of The Voice UK are expected to return, with Jessie J, Tom Jones, Danny O'Donoghue and Will.i.am all returning to their swivelling chairs.

 Below: the biggest reality TV show flops of all time

  • Leanne Mitchell: It might be too soon to call time on The Voice UK's first ever winner, but after a bumpy first season, her winner's single is set to score the singer a great big flop due to lack of promotion from the BBC.

  • Matt Cardle: After winning the 2010 series of X Factor, Cardle quickly distanced himself from the show - distancing himself from his fans at the same time. He recently parted ways with his record label, but is said to be much happier without their involvement.

  • Leon Jackson: Poor old Leon Jackson. Following the obligatory post-X Factor chart topper with 'When You Believe', the Scottish singer's career sank lower than Simon Cowell's neckline as follow-up singles flopped. Now recording new material - like all the others...

  • Michelle McManus: The second (and final winner) of UK talent show Pop Idol, McManus waddled to victory on the TV show, but her dreary ballads led to an ungraceful bellyflop for her career before it had even begun.

  • David Sneddon: Winner of the BBC's first attempt to rival Pop Idol, all's well that ends well for Sneddon, as he penned tracks for Lana Del Rey's debut album, which topped the charts across the globe earlier this year.

  • Alex Parks: Another Fame Academy winner, Cornish lesbian Alex Parks was the show's second - and final winner. Her location and movements are currently unknown, but they probably involve the South West of England.

  • Jai McDowall: Winner of Britain's Got Talent 2011. Thank goodness a dancing dog won it this year eh?

  • Steve Brookstein: Bitter winner of the first series of X Factor in the UK. Has spent his years since slagging off Simon Cowell's publicity machine in an attempt to drum up publicity for himself...

  • One True Voice: Lets be honest, none of them were pretty enough to get into Girls Aloud anyway.

  • Joe McElderry: A pop flop, but done OK for himself since winning Popstar To Opera Star and releasing mum-friendly albums of non-offensive cover versions.

  • Same Difference: Creepy brother and sister duo who spent far too much time together.

  • Ronan Parke: Britain's Got Talent 2011 runner-up. Possibly not the British Justin Bieber he was initially touted as...

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