Singer says 'breasts choose chord progressions'
michael baggs
15:08 12th February 2013

Ke$ha has revealed that she uses her breasts to help her write songs and even gave a demonstration in a recent radio interview.

In an interview with Capital FM, the pop star was asked to play the keyboard, but no one expected Ke$ha to then lean forward and perform some mammary gland music.

In the video she says: "The way I wrote songs is a little different. I always let my breasts choose the chord progression.

"I'm really going to let you in to this intimate process and I'm really just going to let them shine."

Watch Ke$ha play some breast music below:

Ke$ha is promoting her new single 'C'Mon' which is due to be released on 3 March and is the second single from her latest album, Warrior.

There may be another chance to see the singer play intstruments with strange parts of her body as she will be starring in her own documentary, Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life. 

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