Told to be wary of 'ankle twist and shout' and 'hip hop hip'
michael baggs
15:43 14th December 2012

David Roberts, CEO of David Roberts Physiotherapy, has warned Christmas revellers to be wary of dance related injuries.

In recognition of dance crazes such as 'Gangnam Style' - which we're hoping will fade into obscurity any time now - Roberts has listed the 10 most common dance related injuries that his team will treat this season.

He says that people are being even more daring on the dance floor than before, inspired by 'everyone from Strictly Come Dancing to Rihanna', and that when 'a little bit of Dutch courage' is involved it can lead to trouble.

The list of injuries is full of terrible puns, so here are our favourites. 

Tango tendonitis - generally affects the Achilles tendons and knees, caused by repetitive up and down movements

Conga calf - usually suffered by groups of people after over exuberant twists and turns whilst hanging on to each other

Rumba Lumbar - localised pain in the lower back caused by jerky pelvic rotations

Hip Hop hip - a recent phenomenon experienced by aging street dancers

Ankle twist and shout - mainly caused by killer heels - can also happen when stepping off the kerb on the way home

Salsa sprain - affect all muscle groups, generally caused by dancing all night long.

Imitating Psy's 'Gangnam Style' dance could lead to tango tendonitis

The list follows recent news that a dad of three died while dancing to Psy's hit 'Gangnam Style'.

46 year old Eamonn Kilbride had been enjoying his office Christmas party for the Thwaites brewery in Blackburn, Lancashire where he worked as an IT manager, but after the party he complained of chest pains.

His wife tried to revive him after he collapsed. Sadly, when the paramedics arrived, Kilbride was pronounced dead on arrival.

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