by Adam Tait

Video: drunk Kim Wilde sings 'Kids In America' on a train

Singer belts out hits after Christmas party


Video: drunk Kim Wilde sings 'Kids In America' on a train


Kim Wilde hasn't hit the headline in quite some time, but it's the festive season and anything can happen - especially after a few drinks at a Christmas party...

For passengers on a train home today (December 14) it looked like they were going to have their commute rudely interuprted when a man stood up with a guitar and his woman companion began to belt out the firts lines fo a song.

But perhaps when they realised that the woman was Kim Wilde and the guitarist was her brother and producer Ricky Wilde.

A slightly worse for wear Kim rambles through Kids in America, fighting against the effects of a swaying train.

The pair then have a crack on a festive songs, Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree, which sees Kimsaunter down the carriage to the filming commuter, before going of and an aimless mumble about the nature of Christmas.

Watch the clip below

Nonetheless, the singer and guitarist seem to enjoy themselves on the way to Potter's Bar, and they're awarded with a smattering of applauds from commuters.

The best bit of the clip, however, is the looks shared by the two male passengers to the right of Kim about 20 seconds in.

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