Band reveal shock at star's response at meeting
michael baggs
17:36 13th December 2012

Linkin Park have revealed their awe at meeting Kiss legend Gene Simmons - and their shock at his response to meeting them.

The US nu-metal survivors have spoken of meeting the famously heterosexual star, who revealed that under certain circumstances, he would happily have sex with frontman Chester Bennington.

"So the first time I met Gene Simmons, I was like 'whoa, that’s Gene Simmons. He’s like right here,'" says Bennington in an interview with US radio station KROQ. "So I went over and introduced myself.

"He grabs me by the shoulders, and he says, 'you are a powerful and talented young man.' He's staring at me in my eyes and says, 'if we were in prison, I would make love to you.' I was like, 'oh.'

Bandmate Mike Shinoda confirmed he tale, adding: "Shannon was in the background like, 'He would. He will make love to you'," speaking of Shannon Tweet, Simmon's longtime partner.

Gene Simmons 'propositioned' Linkin Park's Chester Bennington

Linkin Park recently celebrated beating Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber in becoming the first band to reach a billion views on YouTube.

The achievement puts them ahead of Red Hot Chili Peppers' 327 million and Green Day's 245 million by quite some distance.

Justin Bieber is the most watched YouTube artist, having chalked up 2.8 billion views while Rihanna and Lady Gaga are in second and third places respectively.

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