Florence + the Machine singer stops the track to climb into the crowd at Aberdeen show
Grace Carroll

10:15 11th December 2012

Florence + the Machine frontwoman Florence Welch stopped a concert halfway through on Sunday (9 December) in order to climb into the crowd and stop a fight. Watch a video of the incident below.

The singer was performing at the Exhibition and Conference Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland, when she stopped halfway through the track 'Shake It Out'.

Welch had spotted a female fan in an argument with a male fan, and was concerned over a young girl who was crying. She asked, "Excuse me, all of you, stop it. I'm sorry all of you if you're upset... Is she okay, is she going to be alright? You alright my love?" and climbed into the crowd to sort out the disruption.

The singer gave the distressed girl a hug, and returned the stage - to boos from the audience, who were unaware of the fight and were upset that the song had stopped.

Florence told the crowd, "I can't sing this song while there is a fight going on in front of me. It doesn't matter who is right or wrong, just sort it out and be friends."

She added, "I feel like a teacher."

Watch the video below:

A fan who had attended the concert told The Daily Star, "You don't expect the talent to have to act as a bouncer as well. But it was typical Florence - unpredictable and ready for anything.

"She was like a UN envoy only better. There were some tough people there, but she was prepared to risk it. She proved she really cares about her fans."

Florence took to Twitter after the concert to write, "YES ABERDEEN!! #NOSHOES #NO FIGHTING!! we love you Scotland. Xx"

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Photo: WENN