Perhaps it was research for her 'Blow' single
michael baggs
10:06 7th December 2012

A photo has been leaked which is reportedly of singer Ke$ha performing oral sex on an unknown man.

The photo, which was originally posted on Perez Hilton, shows a blonde-haired girl giving oral sex to what is apparently a penis - although it's entirely blurred out.

There's some discussion over whether or not the photo is actually of the star, with people pointing out that her trademark freckles and nose ring are not visible on the girl in the photo.

Users wrote, "That is not ke$ha. It doesn't look like her at all. That woman is too old to be her and Ke$ha always wears a nose ring," with someone else saying, "i don't believe it's her tbh. i don't see her nose ring and freckles, plus that hair + make up it could be anybody."

Others commented that the blurred out image looked more like someone's foot, commenting, "That looks like a foot... wtf," and "Unless this guys d*ck looks like an amorphous blob, I'm going to go ahead and say that's a foot."

Kesha is no stranger to scandalous sex photos.

This isn't the first time Ke$ha's had a sex scandal due to leaked photos.

Previously photos were released after she was hacked which showed an unnamed man performing oral sex on her, while she had her leg around the back of his head.

And before that, a photo was leaked in which she was shown topless, with what appeared to be semen on her stomach.

We can't imagine she'll be too bothered about these, then.

Watch Ke$ha's video for 'Die Young' below:

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