Blond has been four long years in the making, but it's finally here
Alexandra Pollard

09:00 22nd August 2016

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After years of waiting, Frank Ocean’s second solo album was finally unleashed unto the world over the weekend. Fans’ reaction has been pretty mixed.

There has been a huge amount of hype over the follow-up to Channel Orange since the debut solo album was a huge hit back in 2012. Channel Orange was Ocean’s first full-length release away from his time with Odd Future, and was critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

Ocean’s second album was widely assumed to be called Boys Don’t Cry, but was eventually revealed to be titled Blond (with some discrepancy over the spelling - the artwork spells it Blond, while Apple Music spells it Blonde), with Boys Don't Cry instead being the name for the 360-page magazine that comes with the album's physical edition.

It finally dropped over the weekend after many, many false alarms. Blond came a few days after the release of visual album Endless, and is only available to listen to on Apple Music. 



The full video for ‘Nikes’ is streaming for free though.

Some fans are absolutely thrilled with the release.

Others aren’t as impressed though.

Whatever people’s reaction, Blond has been a subject of speculation for a very long time. The album was supposed to be released at some point last year but never materialised, and since then Ocean has enjoyed stringing things out.

Last month, a picture of a library sticker with Boys Don’t Cry (thought to be the album’s title) at the bottom and a string of dates, emerged on his website. The date at the very bottom was July 2016, with the exact date smudged.

When it didn’t appear in July, he then launched a live stream at the start of August, which showed a man sitting at a desk cutting wood, and lasted four days. When it ended though, there was still no album.

So whether you’re a fan of Ocean or not, at least now the news stories will simmer down.

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