Reality is $9million less than Forbes estimate
Grace Carroll

12:32 27th November 2012

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Deadmau5 has said that the Forbes list of the highest earners in dance music is wrong - as he does not earn $11.5 million a year.

The Forbes list - nicknamed the Electronic Cash Kings list - put Deadmau5 at No.6 on the list with an estimated $11.5 million.

But Deadmau5 - or Joel Zimmerman, which is his real name - says that the amount is about $9 million too much.

Speaking at Billboard's FutureSound Conference, Zimmerman said, "After I saw the article, I called my manager and said, 'Yo, what the f**k? I'm $9 million short, dude. We gotta talk.'

"Nobody is making that kind of money."

However, the list also includes total wealth - so if property owned goes up in value, that would be considered income.

Tiesto - apparently the highest earning DJ according to Forbes

Dutch DJ Tiësto is at the top of the list, with $22 million, and also spoke about his unreleased collaboration with Deadmau at the conference. The two artists teased the track last year, but never released it.

Tiësto explained at the conference, "I was in the studio with Deadmau5 in Toronto once, but the track was only okay so we didn't release it."

Watch Deadmau5's most recent collaboration below.

Below: behind the mask - Deadmau5 and more mysterious stars

  • Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor in his day job, scaring children and starting mosh pits.

  • And here is Corey off duty. He has fronted the band Stone Sour whilst unmasked as well as embarking on spoken word tours of the UK.

  • Black Veil Brides have taken the world by storm with their Motley Crue-esque looks and glam-metal anthems. As you can see, they're one of the most unique looking bands around.

  • However, lead singer Andy Biersack looks quite different when devoid of his kohl eyeliner and copious make up.

  • Marilyn Manson has shocked and awed for years now, he remains the ultimate wild rock 'n' roll star of recent years and puts in just as much effort to his appearance as he does his music.

  • Off-stage is another look entirely for Manson (real name Brian Warner) as this mug-shot proves.

  • Deadmau5 is dubstep's number one rodent and one of the most succesful DJs on the live scene.

  • Beneath the mask though, Deadmau5 is a tattooed man named Joel Thomas Zimmerman.

  • Kiss pretty much invented the idea of daubing yourself in make-up and pretending to be someone different.

  • When the black and white Kiss camouflage comes off Gene Simmons looks like this.

  • SBTRKT is one of the most exciting electronic producers around right now. He also hides his face with his now trademark tribal mask at all times.

  • And here he is using his real name, Aaron Jerome, in his pre-SBTRKT days.

  • Insane Clown Posse have been inspiring their juggalo fans to look exactly like them for years now.

  • In reality they like to hang with Vanilla Ice.

  • Daft Punk have spent years innovating dance music and becoming one of the most respected acts in the world.

  • But here they are pre-robot head days looking Younger, Fresher, Smaller, Junior.

  • Joey Jordison is the masked drummer of Slipknot and Murderdolls guitarist.

  • And here he is unmasked and getting angry over a magazine. Rumours he inspired the look of the girl in The Ring remain unconfirmed.

  • Burial is spoken of in hushed tones and reverential love in dubstep circles but nobody knows what he looks like.

  • Or do they? This is William Bevan who many believe is the man behind the music.

  • Away from the hats and make-up this could be anyone down your local pub.

  • Add a bit of slap though and it is unmistakably Boy George.

  • This Swedish electro act rarely pose for photos without the aid of prosthetics, masks and anything else they can use to disguise their looks.

  • Two trunks later however and we have, The Knife!

  • This young chap doesn't look too scary - we wonder who he could be the alter-ego of?

  • Aaargh! It's Mortiis. He has been scaring us for years.

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