Ex Beatle promotings vegetarian festive season
Grace Carroll

15:29 16th November 2012

Paul McCartney has starred in a new ad campaign for animal rights group PETA, which sees the star wearing an 'eat no turkey' t-shirt.

The poster sees the star wearing a t-shirt that says 'Eat no' and has a picture of a turkey underneath, along with the slogan "Celebrate Life This Holiday Season. Go Vegetarian."

This follows McCartney's voiceover for a 2010 video titled If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls, which came from his quote, "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian."

In the video, McCartney tells viewers what his family choose to eat for Christmas - as opposed to the traditional Christmas turkey.

He says, "We eat a veggie roast at home, so if we have traditional moments like Christmas . the roast is perfect. It's completely vegetarian, but I can slice it, so I can do all my traditional dad things.

"We can do our family stuff with it, and it's delicious, so I much prefer that to my memory of turkey."

Paul McCartney in the anti-turkey PETA ad campaign

This isn't the first time that the former Beatle has spoken out for PETA. Back in 2008, McCartney wore a similar shirt, this time with a picture of a cow on it, and shared the moment that made him become a vegetarian.

In a statement on the poster, McCartney said, "Many years ago, I was fishing, and as I was reeling in the poor fish, I realised, 'I am killing him - all for the passing pleasure it brings me.'

"Something inside me clicked. I realised as I watched him fight for breath, that his life was as important to him and mine is to me."

Watch the If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls video below -  but be warned, it contains graphic content of animal cruelty.

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