Rapper also claims Jay Z would agree with him
michael baggs
09:17 20th June 2014

Rapper 50 Cent has shared his views on hip hop icon Jay Z, claiming that the star is 'overrated', and would probably agree with his opinion.

50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) made the controversial comment during an interview with TV host Andy Cohen on his Bravo show, Watch What Happens.

"Overrated? Umm..." Jackson told the presenter, when asked for his honest opinion on Jay Z and his work, before adding: "I mean Jay Z. He would say he was overrated. Rather be overrated than underpaid."

The rapper, who recently released new album Animal Ambition, also spoke about an incident with Beyonce, when the 'Drunk In Love' singer berated him in front of paparazzi on New Year's Eve.

"It's not really bad, like her breath doesn't smell," he said of Beyonce. "But it's one of those things, like, the paparazzi and people were taking pictures of us at the same time, so there's not really a right way to respond. You've just got to accept it."

Jackson recently revealed his hopes of joining Eminem at his upcoming gigs at London's Wembley Stadium, telling Gigwise in an exclusive interview: "Yeah, I'd like to soon. I think Em is going to be doing something at Wembley. I'll see what's going on and see if I can get in on that."

"Em is so special to our culture and no one really gives him the credit for it. When they cast a film, they find people who are representations of the audience watching, so when you understand who's actually consuming hip-hop culture, it's not the guy who's in my neighbourhood, it's Little America and way beyond that too.

"They weren't sure who they actually liked, but when you asked them if they liked hip-hop, they would all say Eminem."