Check out their retro track, 'Nobody's Business'
michael baggs
11:14 16th November 2012

Rihanna fans have compared the star's new duet with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown to Michael Jackson tracks from the 1990s. Listen to the track below.

Taken from her new album, Unapologetic (released Monday) 'Nobody's Business' sees the duo reunite for their second collaboration of the year. They previously worked together on a remix of her track 'Birthday Cake'.

Despite the obvious controversy to the couple reuniting, the track has a warm, soft sound and is a surefire future hit for the duo.

Fan response to the track has been mixed, with many praising the retro sound and comparing it to Michael Jackson.

"I love the beat!" says Leilani Davies on YouTube. "Reminds me on the late 80's and early 90's! Kind of sounds like something Michael Jackson would have done which is cool :)"

However - the MJ comparison isn't loved by all listeners.

Rita11 adds: "Sounds like some average song Michael Jackson would have done in the early 90's."

Listen to 'Nobody's Business' below.

The duo trade lyrics of "you'll always be my boy / I'll always be your girl / ain't nobody's business / but mine and my baby" on the track, which is sure to fuel more speculation over the pair's future together.

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