ITV2 show bringing back split pop groups
michael baggs
13:03 18th October 2012

New ITV2 show The Big Reunion is all set to bring some of the biggest 90s pop acts back into the spotlight. Sort of.

The show is going to film the reformed acts as they meet again in order to rehearse for two weeks before a comeback performance.

Forget about Spice Girls and Steps (unless you already did) because Liberty X, Atomic Kitten, 5ive, B*Witched, 911 and The Honeyz are all rumoured to be appearing on The Big Reunion.

"We are thrilled to bring the stories of these pop groups up to date," said ITV's head of digital channels Angela Jain.

"A lot has happened in the time these bands have been apart - marriages, divorces and changes in careers - and who knows quite what will happen when they reunite!"


The original Atomic Kitten line-up in one of the most deliciously 90s photos ever

 The fly-on-the-wall documentary will capture every moment of the bands' journeys. 

But the most pressing question of all is - which Atomic Kitten line-up will appear on the show? We're still not sure whether we're hoping for Kerry Katona or not - she could either make it really terrific, or really terrible...

Indulge your 90s inner child by listening to B*Witched hit 'C'est la Vie' below:

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