The rockstar thinks she should only be outrageous for the cameras
michael baggs
13:25 16th October 2012

Alice Cooper warned Lady Gaga not to let her stage persona take over her entire life.

Cooper told how Lady Gaga had found him inspiring, but he felt the need to make sure she was careful about keeping a distinction between her real life and her on-stage character.

Speaking to Reader's Digest, Cooper said: "As soon as I saw her on TV, I fell in love with the outrage. I couldn't wait to see her show.

"Last year, we met backstage and she was wonderful. She got down on her knees and did the whole "we're not worthy" bit from [the film] Wayne's World.

"She said, 'Alice, thank you for letting me steal your show.' I said, 'Gaga, I created a character called Alice. But it's important to keep Alice on stage. I never let Alice take over my real life.'"

The rocker explained his comments further, adding: "I guess what I was trying to say was, be outrageous for the cameras. Wear a chicken on your head... but don't get suckered into thinking that stuff is real.

"When you're at home, just be yourself. If you can learn to co-exist with both Gagas, you'll be OK."

Alice Cooper: No, that's sadly not Lady Gaga next to him.

And let's hope that Lady Gaga's "character" doesn't affect her new album too much, either. The star has reportedly become obsessed with French singer Edith Piaf, and is rumoured to be sampling Piaf on tracks for ARTPOP.

A source told The Sun: "Gaga sees a lot of herself in Edith. She, too, was a rebellious character in her era.

"There’s an awful lot of red tape to get through — it’s a complicated process. But she’s hoping the Piaf estate want to ensure, with her help, that the music can be introduced to a new audience.

"Considering the size of Gaga’s global following, Edith’s music will gain a huge new fanbase."

Watch Alice Cooper covering Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' below:

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