Singer Maxine Jones sues 'evil' singers
michael baggs
10:39 17th August 2012

Three members of En Vogue are suing each other, over claims that Maxine Jones was was 'forced' out of the band.

Jones took to Twitter to announce: "Yup Terry n Cindi r evil! They took over the LLC n bank acct, forced me out, gave my gigs to that chick LOL, and SUING #ME!"

She went on to say: "Real arrogant bitches drunk over power lol! My lawyer and I look forward to court! We're gonna catch it on our reality show 2 lol".

Jones plans to form a new version of the group with former member Dawn Robinson, who recently showed support for Jones on Twitter by writing: "Don't worry about it Max lol! The truth about they're asses had to come out sooner or later! Do NOT erase these messages lol!"

The original linep of the band have only been back together since 2010.

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