Sheeran fans called 'boobs on a stick' after confusion at Olympics gig
Michael Baggs

13:52 14th August 2012

Pink Floyd fans have reacted angrily to Ed Sheeran fans confusing his performance of 'Wish You Were Here' at the Olympics closing ceremony for a brand new track by the British singer/songwriter.

During Sunday's show, Ed Sheeran fans flooded Twitter with delighted tweets as the singer performed the track at the end of London 2012. However, due to the young demographic of Sheeran's fanbase, they were unaware of the 1975 original.

Now, Pink Floyd fans have reacted angrily to the confusion.

"Most band would give their right hand to write 'Wish You Were Here'," says Gunnar Blake. "It's my all time favorite Pink Floyd song."

"My God... Boobs on a stick!" added Darren Whittaker.

Tony Marvin asked: "Did the Ed Sheeran fans genuinely believe that the massive cheer that went out at the opening guitar rift was for Ed Sheeran himself?"

Pink Floyd fan James Spankie took a more considered approach, commenting: "How were they meant to know? Hell, when I was 12, I wasn't listening to Pink Floyd. Could you name a single PF track aged 12?

"Thing is, eventually, these kids will grow up. They'll discover and learn to appreciate timeless, formative music, and they'll grow out of Ed Sheeran's music. They'll realise he's derivatve and he'll fade in to the background."

Ed Sheeran performed the track alongside original Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, Mike Rutherford of Genesis and Richard Jones of The Feeling.

See the intitial flurry of confused tweets below.

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