Canadian frontman says that he was the only replacement for Frank Carter
michael baggs
11:05 24th July 2012
New Gallows frontman Wade MacNeil thinks that if the band had replaced Frank Carter with an English frontman, the band would have broken up by now.
MacNeil is the former frontman of Canadian band Alexisonfire, and admitted to Gigwise in an exclusive interview that he was probably the only replacement for Frank Turner.
MacNeil said: “I think maybe there’s a bit of a perception which is like, people love to talk s**t, people love to complain, you know what I mean? Complaining is an English tradition.
“So the fact that Gallows got a Canadian to replace their succinctly very British frontman caused people to go up into an uproar but I honestly think if it went down any other way – and I’m not just saying this because I’m the guy – but I honestly think if Gallows had got an English singer the band would be broken up by now.”
Bassist Stuart Gili-Ross agreed, saying: “I think it’s f**king stupid anyway, I don’t know why we always got tagged with the British thing. There are countless thousands of other British bands. 
“It’s not like we were the only band made out of all British dudes that sounded British, and I don’t know why we weren’t allowed that freedom to get a singer from wherever the f**k in the world we wanted.”
Check back later this week for the full interview with Gallows.