'Call Me Maybe' star forced to deny naked slur
michael baggs
09:18 24th July 2012

Canadian pop sensation Carly Rae Jepsen has hit back at claims she has appeared in a sex tape, calling the allegations 'crazy' and 'ridiculous'.

Jepsen, who has scored one of 2012's biggest hits with her UK and US chart topping debut, took to Twitter to deny the allegations that have been circulating this week, originating on Perz Hilton's celebrity blog.

"Crazy morning. Discovered that someone put up a sex tape claiming to be me. Ridiculous. Obviously not me," Tweeted the Canadian star.

Hilton had previously posted screen-grabs from the video, showing a girl with similar hair to the singer - and no top on.

This is the second time she has been accused of naked online activities, having previously had to deny allegations that a set of naked photos was her.

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