Star seeking to top the meat dress with headpiece featuring insects
Michael Baggs

16:10 12th June 2012

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Meat dresses, hatching out of a giant egg, lobster-shaped headpieces? All of these are nothing compared to Lady Gaga's latest attention seeking stunt - a hat made of live cockroaches.

The singer is said to be planning a bug-infested hat after a US study revealed that the resiliant pests were mosre responsive to her music in scientific tests than they were tunes by Weezer and Avenged Sevenfold.

"Lady Gaga has been looking to top her famous meat dress for some time - and this could be it," a tabloid source tells The Sun newspaper.

"She dubbed cockroaches 'My real life monsters' after hearing of the recent study."

Now, she plans to create a cage headpiece for the little critters to run around on top of her hard.

"She wants to incorporate them in a headpiece by having them crawling around inside a netted cage."

Gaga suffered a concussion earlier this week at a show in Auckland. Maybe that's why she's planning to cover her head in insects.

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