Rapper slams the show and believes it doesn't find great performers
michael baggs
15:09 31st May 2012

Snoop Dogg has revealed his dislike for the talent show The Voice, explaining that he feels it doesn't produce well-rounded performers.

The American rapper has criticised the show and compared it to Simon Cowell's TV talent shows, as he believes that the Cowell's projects produce a higher calibre of star.

 "The Voice don't understand that you need more than a voice to be an artist. You could have the best voice ever, but be as boring as hell," says the rapper in an interview with The Daily Star. "I don't see it producing a One Direction or Susan Boyle. Simon Cowell knows how to put a show together."

Snoop Dogg also revealed that he had been approached by Simon Cowell last year to become a judge on The X Factor, which he turned down.

We recently saw Snoop Dogg joined on stage by Dr Dre and a hologram of the deceased Tupac Shakur at Coachella earlier this year.

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