Aussie star wants to work with Bush despite worry of studio intimidation
michael baggs
15:37 3rd May 2012

Chart topping star Gotye has revealed hopes of coaxing reclusive British singer Kate Bush out of her semi-retirement and onto one of his future tracks.

The Australian star, whose single 'Smebody That I Used To Know' is currently the biggest selling track of the year in the UK, admits that Bush would be his dream star to collaborate with, but admits that his admiration for the singer might jeopardise any time the pair spent together in the studio.

"I've got to say idols of mine like Kate Bush, she's amazing," says Gotye in an interview with NME. "But then again, when you'd idolised someone like that over the years, it's hard to meet them and treat them like a regular person."

He also added that he has no plans to blow all his 'Somebody...' cash on anything extravagant, adding: "Even with a bigger balance in my bank account, it's not like I'm planning to splurge on property or anything.

"It'll be more like if I want to work with someone and they happen to live in Canada, I can fly over there and actually spend a few weeks there, which is quite luxurious to me."