'By far the Brighton duo's best release to date'
Jamie Cockburn

16:08 26th March 2012

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It’s been a while since we heard from Blood Red Shoes, but the Brighton duo are back with their third album – 'In Time To Voices'.

Both Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell have described their new album as their most ambitious yet. A lot of thought has gone into this album and it definitely shows a lot more maturity from the band but there is still some of that Blood Red Shoes originality in there that we came to love with previous releases.

Album opener and the title track opens with soft vocals from Carter, before the drum beat kicks in and the song sets gradually into the heavier chorus. As the song reaches the finale we hear more from the original Blood Red Shoes showing us how variable this album will be.

‘Cold’ is very reminiscent of The Subways and is by far the stand out track of the album, with thrashing drum beats and catchy riffs. The duelling vocals work perfect with each other throughout the album and are highlighted with this track and ‘Two Dead Minutes’. The track is a change of pace to what is a very fast album. ‘Silence And The Drones’ and ‘Night Light’ are also slower affairs.

The album is then kicked back into action with the shortest track on the album ‘Je Me Perds’. It’s a much more angry and trashy song compared to the others on the album, just a little reminder that they have not ditched their original sound completely and are still ‘punk’ at heart.

‘Stop Kicking’ is another highlight of the album. This track definitely has to be a future single release although sounding quite a bit like a Los Campesinos! number, that doesn’t harm it in any way and album closer ‘7 Years’ is another softer, slower track than we are used to from Blood Red Shoes.

This is a very complex release. Blood Red Shoes have matured their sound the best way possible: not forgetting their roots. Carter’s vocals are much softer and harmonic than before and the boy girl vocals complement the sound of the album perfectly. This is by far their best release to date.

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