Singer says of rumours and backlash gossip: 'none of it is true'
Pritham Bhatia

15:33 7th March 2012

'Video Games' star Lana Del Rey has spoken out against the backlash surrounding her rapid rise to fame, asserting that she is not "a contoversial or polarising person."

When quizzed by an LA radio station about the online negativity that the singer has recently sparked, Del Rey said: "What people have to say about me, the really amazing things and the really terrible things, none of them are true."

The American singer-songwriter has attracted criticism following the revelation that she used to record under her real name Lizzy Grant, and that she had been signed by a major record label long before her debut hit, 'Video Games'. Further rumours also suggested her full lips were artificially enhanced to make the singer more marketable.

Del Rey insisted that she had "written every word on her album" and claims that the internet is "creating their own person for themselves to play with." She also vowed to "never compromise with anything that I do in my life" and claimed that she would never say anything "just to rhyme over sugary pop songs."

Lana Del Rey's album "Born To Die" was released in January to mixed reviews, but has sold over 900,000 copies worldwide. In February, the singer's record-label claimed to have at least "three album's-worth of songs" already in the bag for future releases, and it has just been announced that 'Blue Jeans' will be the next single to be released from the American star.