Band back in the studio...
Holly Frith
12:31 27th January 2012

Ben Fold Five have confirmed that they have reunited for a new album.

The band, made up of Ben Folds, Robert Sledge and Darren Jessee, broke up in 2000 after releasing their 1999 album 'The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner .

Folds, who embarked on a solo career, revealed yesterday that the group are now back in the studio working on a new album

He took to Twitter to post a photo of him, Sledge and Jessee and wrote: "It's happening fo sho - Day 1 in studio with Robert and Darren through March #NewBenFoldsFiveRecord." He later added: "Spring release."

Speaking about the possibility of reforming, Folds told Spinner magazine last year: ''We did three things that we could do quickly for the record, and there were all these other ideas that I was bringing in that were really more radical. So I think in December we'll probably get together to do that as long as I have enough material when I come back in.''

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