On tour...
Holly Frith
11:22 1st December 2011

Rihanna has been placed on a 24-hour health watch, it has been reported.

The singer, who is currently on her 'Loud' tour, Rihanna has been suffering exhaustion from her gruelling ten-month, 101-date tour, reports The Sun.

Rihanna reportedly almost cancelled a concert in Dublin on Friday (November 25) due to "exhaustion and stress", only agreeing to go ahead with the date following a call to fellow singer Beyonce.

"She's filming her 'Loud' tour DVD in December and her team is determined that she looks, acts and performs at her best," a source told The Mirror.

Meanwhile, X-Factor star Rebecca Ferguson has criticised Rihanna for not portraying a good image to teenage girls.

The singer said that she wouldn't let her children listen to the popstar, as she doesn't see her as the type of role model she'd want for them.

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