Superman, Captain Marvel or Green Lantern game would be 'fun'...
Alex Winehouse

14:51 7th October 2011

Rocksteady have said that they would love to turn their attentions to another superhero once work on Batman: Arkham City finishes.

The company's Paul Dini feels that there is room for more high quality superhero games, a genre that has been surprisingly under-represented over the years.

He told Yahoo Games: "Well Batman is pretty much real world-centric. So if I was going to do another comic book based game I would probably want a hero that had, you know - I would probably want to amp it up a bit as far as the power level goes and do more of a superhero with more superpowers.

"Batman is pretty much a self-trained guy, I think it would be fun to do a character like Superman or Captain Marvel or maybe Green Lantern, somebody who's got a completely different resource for fighting crime and fighting villains."

Dini continued: "Maybe a magical character. The DC universe is filled with them. I love Batman and I always will but if I was going to do another one I would probably pick one in a completely different setting with a completely different power scheme. He's pretty much the number one in the DC pantheon, and I think not enough has been done with him to make him a character, as he's got amazing powers, he can fly super fast and everything, but also there's a level to his character that I don't think has been explored yet in video games to kind of get underneath who he is and into his heart a little bit.

"I think there's a lot of reinvention being done on Superman at the moment, both in the comics and in the movies and I think it would be fun to revisit that character and kind of see what makes him tick."

Batman: Arkham City is released on XBox 360 and PS3 on October 21, with the game coming to PC in November.

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