Band postpone US tour...
jason gregory
15:14 5th September 2011

Iggy Pop and The Stooges have been forced to cancel their US tour after singer Iggy Pop broke his foot.

The singer damaged two bones in his left foot during the band's performance at the Peninsula Festival in Romania last month.

Doctors have told Pop to rest for 6-8 weeks, forcing the band to postpone their US tour, which was due to begin later this week.

“I hate this, I hate like hell to cancel or postpone anything. I only saw the doctor because it hurt so f*cking much and I couldn't fix it myself,” Pop said in a statement.

“ Please be patient, I am so excited about these dates on the left coast.”

The Stooges have promised to reschedule the shows, although there is currently no indication when the new dates will take place.

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