He calls it the 'royal dreading'...
jason gregory
16:04 9th May 2011

Morrissey has again hit out at the media for their coverage of the recent Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Last month, the singer was widely quoted after he told BBC Radio 4's Front Row programme he believed the Royal Family were “benefit scroungers”.

In a statement issued to his fansite True To You, Morrissey said interview, originally with Dermot O'Leary, had been “chopped and cropped”.

“I'm sorry I made the Detergent O Leary radio interview so difficult but I was in a foul mood, having spent a full week surrounded by the royal dreading,” he said.

“England may very well be a Windsor dictatorship, but - PR Weddings aside, it is usually quite bearable.”

He added: “It is distressing, but in all manner of British media in 2011 we are only allowed to hear the same old thoughts and feelings expressed over and over and over again.”

He went on to highlight how the death of punk icon Poly Styrene had gone largely ignored due to the Royal Wedding coverage.

He said: “During the week of the royal dreading, Poly Styrene died. Having made an enormous contribution to British art and sound – at a desperate time when so many of us needed her, Poly Styrene's death was all but ignored by the British television news media, who instead rained hours and hours of blubbering praise onto Kate Middleton – a woman about whom nothing is known on a personal level.

“The message is clear: What you achieve in life means nothing compared to what you are born into. Is this Syria??”

Meanwhile, Morrissey has revealed that work has been completed on his new studio album.

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