But he wouldn't collaborate with Gorillaz...
Jason Gregory

15:04 15th March 2010

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Liam Gallagher has admitted that he would like the opportunity to work with Jay-Z.

Last October, the US rapper said he was keen to team up with the former Oasis star because he thought they could “blend our styles well”.

Gallagher, who is currently recording an album with his new band, said he would be keen to team up if they could find the right song.

“If the tunes right and its not too far out of my comfort zone, then yeah, fucking right,” he told blog Stop Crying Your Heart Out.

But Gallagher ruled out a possible collaboration with cartoon band Gorillaz, who were created by Blur's Damon Albarn.

“I've been told many times never to work with animals,” he said. “Far too dangerous.”

As Gigwise reported earlier, the singer also used the interview to explain why he snubbed brother Noel at the recent Brit Awards in London.

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Photo: Shirlaine Forrest