To one of his listeners...
Scott Colothan

10:42 12th March 2010

Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles says he feels “let down” by Dappy from N-Dubz' death threat texts to one of his listeners.

Back in January, 22-year-old Chloe Moody texted the Radio 1 breakfast show to poke fun at guests N-Dubz, branding them “losers” and Dappy as a “vile little boy with a hat.”

Dappy then took down her number from the production team's console and the following day sent texts including threats like “Your gonna die” and "u dum f****** dickhead.”

Despite Dappy's apology, Chris Moyles says he's disappointed with the pint-sized pop star's actions.

"I feel let down by him,” Moyles told The Sun. “I've supported him and said, 'Do you know what, N-Dubz aren't just a bunch of dippy chavs, they're really good'.

"So for him to go and do something like that is a bit rubbish."

N-Dubz were dropped from an anti-bullying campaign and criticised by a Liberal Democrat MP because of Dappy's threats.