Photos of the Radiohead singer's one-off gig...
Scott Colothan

10:31 26th February 2010

Thom Yorke debuted three completely new songs at his mesmerising one-off Cambridge gig last night.

The Radiohead singer was introduced onto the stage at the Corn Exchange by Green Party MP candidate Tony Juniper to a rapturous applause from the sell-out crowd.

The stripped down, haunting acoustic opener 'The Clock' set the tone for what turned out to be a special night.

Despite a few bumbling notes on the third track 'Weird Fishes', Yorke was in buoyant mood joking with the crowd and even gave a nod to Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist and Atoms For Peace band member Flea.

He quipped after 'Weird Fishes' “When I was younger I used to go into a shop around here and switch on all the Casio keyboards. It sounded a little bit like this."

The first of the new songs, the brilliant 'The Daily Mail', took a swipe at the newspaper with cutting lines like “No regard for human life.”

Second new track 'Give Up The Ghost' impressed the most, with Yorke recording a looped vocal and beat and layering his live vocals on top.

Elsewhere, the set was strewn with Radiohead tracks like 'Reckoner', 'Like Spinning Plates', 'Airbag' and 'Videotape' all delivered with spine-tingling effect.

In traditional Radiohead style, Yorke returned for two encores – the first featuring new song 'Mouse Dog Bird' and the second culminating in a gorgeous 'True Love Waits'.

Yorke joked before the finale: “You'll have to help me with the words, cos' I can never fucking remember them.”

The full set-list was as follows:

1 The Clock
2 The Eraser
3 Weird Fishes
4 The Daily Mail
5 Pyramid Song
6 Harrowdown Hill
7 Lotus Flower
8 Give Up The Ghost
9 These Are My Twisted Words
10 I Froze Up
11 Like Spinning Plates
12 Black Swan
13 Cymbal Rush
14 Videotape

15 Mouse Dog Bird
16 Reckoner
17 Airbag
18 Atoms For Peace

19 True Love Waits

Thom Yorke live @ Cambridge Corn Exchange

Photo: Nick Pickles /