Noel Gallgher vs. Parker and more...
Scott Colothan

16:58 3rd February 2010

You'll no doubt already know that it's Celebrity Doppelgänger Week on Facebook.

Yep, the one where all your friends update their profile picture with a celebrity they've been told they look like.

One or two of them will probably have Brad Pitt or Megan Fox as their profile pic - these are the type of idiots you should delete from your friends.

Anyhow, to celebrate this momentous occasion, Gigwise presents a collection of brilliant music/celebrity doppelgängers.

Have you ever seen Red Hot Chili Pepper Chad Smith and Will Ferrell in the same room together? Or maybe even Pete Doherty and Crazy Harry from The Muppets? We think not.

Rock stars separated at birth:

  • Yasser Arafat / Ringo Starr – Taken in 1974, late Palestinian leader Arafat looks every inch Ringo Starr's long-lost twin brother. The likeness is uncanny.

  • Will Ferrell / Chad Smith - We don't care what the sceptics say, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and Will Ferrell are twin brothers. If not twins, then they're definitely related. Everything about their features is completely and utterly the same.

  • Tilda Swinton / Thom Yorke – We couldn't see it at first, but once you dig out a photo of Thom from the early nineties, it's plain to see that he's the absolute double of Tilda Swinton.

  • Crazy Harry / Pete Doherty – The best and most hilarious lookalike on the list, Crazy Harry from The Muppets is very much the puppet incarnation of Pete Doherty. Even the bags under their eyes are the same colour – as well as their joint fixation of getting bombed.

  • Parker from Thunderbirds / Noel Gallagher – From their massive eyebrows, to their vacant expressions, The Thunderbirds character and the Oasis man could well be brothers. In fact, Parker looks more like Noel than Liam does...

  • Terry Gilliam / Mickey Dolenz – Born just five years apart, former Monthy Python animator turned film director Gilliam looks the spitting image of Monkees man Mickey Dolenz. It's all in the eyes and the scrunched up face we reckon.

  • Courteney Cox / Nelly Furtado – Undoubtedly the lookers on our list, the Friends actress and the Canadian singer could very well be sisters, if not separated at birth.

  • Don Knotts / Mick Jagger – The trout pout, the exaggerated wrinkles, the general shocked expression; it's no wonder so many people have compared the classic American comedian Don Knotts to The Rolling Stones frontman.

  • Jesus / Dave McCabe – Instead of treating himself to a haircut with the bucketloads of royalties he's received from the Amy Winehouse cover of 'Valerie', Zutons frontman Dave McCabe has let himself go a bit. He now looks the spitting image of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Jason Lee and Ronnie Vannucci – The star of My Name Is Earl may share his name with an awful ex-English footballer, but it's Ronnie Vannucci – the drummer with The Killers – that Lee shares his moustached looks with. Brilliant.

  • Jean Harlow / Gwen Stefani – A style icon in her own right, Gwen Stefani has reflects a number of greats from the Golden Era of Hollywood. However, it's 1930's sex symbol Jean Harlow that we think Stefani looks like the most – the peroxide blonde hair, rouge lip-stick and pale skin tone are strikingly similar.

  • Carrot Top / Madonna – Just like plastic surgery loving comedian Carrot Top, Queen Madge is predominately captured by paparazzi leaving the gym, sweating and with biceps bulging. Sadly for Carrot Top, we reckon Madonna has better muscles.

  • Bride of Frankenstein / Amy Winehouse – Ever wondered where Wino got the inspiration for her latest haircut from? Yes, you've guessed it the Bride of Frankenstein from the 1935 movie classic. The fleck of blonde hair, the bouffant hair, the long face – even the make up is eerily similar. We all know which one is the scariest though.

  • Goldie / Flea – Some cruel individual suggested to Gigwise that Flea looked a bit like Predator. Harsh we thought. We actually reckon he looks more like Drum & Bass DJ Goldie.

  • Shadow The Hedgehog / Bill Kaulitz – Ever wondered where androgynous Tokio Hotel frontman Kaulitz gets the inspiration for his dire haircut from? Look no further than Shadow The Hedgehog.

  • Carlos Tevez / Anthony Keidis – The square jawline, the gormless expression and the slightly agape mouth are all extremely similar. Once you compare Keidis to the Manchester City striker, you'll never think of him in the same way again.

Photo: / Splash News