After attacking a fellow fan at a gig...
16:05 22nd July 2009

A one-legged rock fan has escaped jail after attacking a man at an Alice Cooper gig.

46-year-old Andrew Miller removed his prosthetic limb at the show at  Southampton Guildhall in July 2008 and waved it around in the air.

When fellow concert-goer John Lynch asked him to calm down, Miller punched him several times in response.

The victim suffered bruises to the shoulder and elbow and cuts to the head while Miller, who claimed he was acting in self defence, broke his wrist.

Judge John Boggis QC at Southampton Crown Court today gave Miller a six month sentence suspended for 18 months and ordered him to pay £250 in compensation.

According to the BBC, he told Miller: "It's perfectly clear you were making an exhibition of yourself and a nuisance of yourself.

"You thoroughly ruined his (Mr Lynch's) evening. This sort of behaviour is simply unacceptable."

Judge Boggis added he would have sentenced Miller to jail time were it not for his disability.