Michael Jackson is number one...
09:33 9th April 2009

Craig David's 'Born To Do It' has astonishingly been named the second greatest album of all time in a major poll.

More than 40,000 people have registered their votes with MTV since the station was launched in 1981, with Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' crowned as the greatest.

Amazingly, Craig David (who received 12% of all votes) was ahead of such  classics as Radiohead's 'OK Computer', U2's 'The Joshua Tree' and Nirvana's 'Nevermind'.

In response, David has denied that he had been 'Rickrolled' – a term coined when a fan campaign caused Rick Astley to be named the best act ever awards at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards.

He told BBC Radio 1: "At the time of having this vote and knowing that it's so many different genres of MTV, even if my fans were just trying to make the vote I really don't think it would've made any difference.”

The full top ten is as follows: