While staying in the same Berlin hotel...
Scott Colothan

12:23 12th February 2009

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher has recreated Michael Jackson's infamous baby dangling in Berlin.

In November 2002, of course, Jacko caused media outrage when he carelessly dangled his then 11-month-old baby son Prince Michael II over a Berlin hotel balcony while waving at the crowd below.  

Staying in the same room in the same hotel while in the German capital for the film festival, Kutcher announced on his Twitter page yesterday: “We are in the exact room where MJ held the baby out the window. we are plotting a re-enactment at a time to be disclosed later.”

At around 2am local time this morning, Kutcher posted a link to the video parody, featuring a plastic doll.

You can see clips of the prank below:

Photo: Splash News