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Jason Gregory

12:26 30th October 2008

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The View's Kyle Falconer has apologised after he turned up to a gig so drunk he was unable to perform.

Falconer slumped to the stage at the beginning of the band's performance at the social in Nottingham. He had earlier admitted to a fan that he feared he might not be able to perform because he had been drinking.

Falconer was eventually replaced by the singer from the View's support band, The Law.

In a statement, Falconer told the Daily Record: "I'm really sorry to have let all our fans down. There's no excuses, I'm just really sorry I got so drunk and couldn't do the gig.

"We all love playing live, so I feel terrible I let the fans and the band down and couldn't put on our usual show.”

Falconer promised fans that when the band return to the city in January he would be sober enough to perform.

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