Singer struggles through hour long set on closing day of festival...
Hazel Sheffield

21:49 6th July 2008

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American singer-songwriter Cat Power struggled through her hour long performance at Roskilde festival, Denmark, this weekend.  Power left the stage at several points during her set, motioned that she felt sick, and had to be cajoled by her guitarist to continue with the gig.

Reknowned for her patchy performances and unreliable behaviour, Cat Power has been praised for her recent willingness to engage with the audience and put on a good show.  Today’s set was no different, with the artist stooping to sing songs to the crowd and throwing flowers, set lists and even bottled water into the audience at the end of the set.

However it was clear that all was not well onstage.  Power disappeared several times, leaving her band to encourage her back into the spotlight by starting the introductions to her songs without her.  Each time she returned she seemed to struggle more, swaying and clutching at her clothes. 

At one point the Power lay on her back behind a speaker with her legs in the air, only getting to her feet when her guitarist motioned for her to get up.

“I feel like I’m about to throw up or fall over,” she explained, before launching into ‘I Feel’. 

At the end of the set Power apologized for her performance, which was well received despite her complaints.  “Sorry for a horrible show,” she said, taking time to receive applause, and motioning that she was grateful for the enthusiastic reception.

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