Radiohead play 'House Of Cards'...
Jason Gregory

14:41 24th April 2008

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Radiohead made a special appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien yesterday (April 23rd) and frontman Thom Yorke couldn’t resist taking a swipe at George Bush.

Performing ‘House Of Cards’ from their London studio, Yorke said the songs chorus of “denial, denial” was dedicated to “that man” who walked away from the Kyoto.

President George Bush famously left the Kyoto agreement in 2005 because he believed that the climate change treaty didn’t suit America’s needs.

As previously reported, Radiohead chose not to travel to America to appear on the show because the journey would have been the equivalent of driving a car solidly for a year.

NBC, the television network that broadcast O’Brien’s show, is currently running ‘Earth Week’, which is designed to increase the awareness of global warming.

You can watch Radiohead’s performance below:



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Photo: Katie Lincoln