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Jason Gregory

11:11 24th April 2008

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The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess has said that if Pete Doherty wants to continue using drugs he should get them delivered to his home.

Speaking in this months Uncut Magazine, Burgess, who is a close friend of Doherty’s former Libertines bandmate Carl Barat, acknowledged the affects that drugs can have on musicians.

“What I used to feel about people like that is that they shouldn’t go out and get hammered, that they’d be better off doing it all at home,” Burgess said.

“Why doesn’t he go for home delivery? Pete’s a fucking rock star. GET IT DELIVERED! We always did.”

Burgess said he believed that drugs had initially worked for Doherty “in terms of making great music”.

“But his songwriting has rapidly gone downhill, that’s the most worrying thing," he added.

“So much great music has been created on drugs. In Pete’s case, maybe heroin and crack is not such a productive combination.”

Doherty is currently serving a 14 week prison sentence for failing to adhere to his probation order and taking drugs.

Elsewhere in the interview, Burgess, who is now clean, admitted that The Charlatans smoked Crack during the making of their third album ‘Up To Our Hips’.

However, he conceded that the band were lucky that the drug “didn’t seem to hurt the music”.


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