Her 'Valerie' cover earns him a packet...
Daniel Melia

11:30 14th February 2008

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Zutons front man Dave McCabe has been able to afford to buy his first house thanks to Amy Winehouse.

The singer/guitarist has apparently funded the purchase with the royalties he has earned from Winehouse’s cover of ‘Valerie’.

A source told the Daily Star: “Dave put a deposit down on a lovely big house in Liverpool with the royalties from the track.  He’s been really chuffed and has been telling all his mates about the property.

“Initially it was strange for him and the band hearing one of their favourite songs done by someone else, but now they love Mark and Amy’s version and are hoping it’s a big hit in America.”

Maybe he can invite them both round for tea, although we doubt any of them would have much of an appetite.

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Photo: Shirlaine Forrest