Bands should follow them and Radiohead...
greg rose
17:31 13th February 2008

The Futureheads believe the era of major labels will soon be coming to an end, and that bands should do everything they can to avoid them.

They have also heaped praise on Radiohead for showing an alternative to the traditional way of releasing music, but criticised them for not taking things even further.

Speaking to Gigwise, songwriter Barry Hyde said: “The infrastructure for indie labels to be successful is still being built up, but once it is, major labels are finished.

“Every time a band signs with a major label they’re putting themselves into a really bad position. But they don’t realise it because of the smokescreen, the false smile and the bottle of champagne.”

With regards to the innovative release of ‘In Rainbows’ by Radiohead, Barry said: “They are in a league of their own. But what disappointed us was that they released it physically after. That was kind of hypocritical.”

The Sunderland band were dropped by Warners in 2006, but have since set up their own independent label, Nul Records. They think this will be increasingly common, as groups become disillusioned with majors.

“People are fed up with the way major labels work,” said Barry. “We’re embracing the revolution that is happening in the business. We’re hoping bands will realise they can do it, take our lead.”

The Futureheads return with new single ‘The Beginning Of The Twist’ on March 10th, with the album ‘This Is Not The World’ following soon after.

Keep an eye on Gigwise for the full interview with the band in the coming days.