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Jason Gregory

11:10 6th September 2008

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The Streets frontman Mike Skinner has revealed that he wants to launch a film career after he records the group's final album.

Skinner, who has previously stated that the Streets’ fifth album will be the last, said the draw of the big screen was a big inspiration for him.

“As soon as I finish the fifth Streets album, which will take me to the end of my record deal, I’m going to make my first film,” he told the Sun.

“It will seem like a documentary but have the narrative of a fictional film.”

Skinner added that the project would evolve from his popular online TV series Beat Stevie

“We’ve started entering episodes for short film festivals like Sundance. The plan is to do longer episodes and work up to doing the film,” he said.

“But the full-length movie will be very different to Beat Stevie.”

The Streets release their fourth album ‘Everything Is Borrowed’ next month.

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