They must pay $5million...
Scott Colothan

15:24 23rd November 2007

A court has ruled that SonyBMG must pay out a massive $5million to a smaller record label, for failing to put their logo on the classic Meat Loaf ‘Bat Out Of Hell’.

The decision stems back to a court agreement in 1998 which ruled that the huge record label must include the logo of Cleveland Records on all future sleeves of the Meat Loaf record.

However, the court has now found that SonyBMG failed to put this order into practise until more than a year after the ruling.

SonyBMG claimed that the omission was a mistake, but Cleveland Records boss Steve Popvich was having none of this, telling the BBC: "I worked too hard for them and made them too much money to get robbed now."

In the 1998 case, Cleveland Records was rewarded $6.2million in lost royalty fees from the 30million selling 1979 album.

Photo: wenn